How to Verify Auction Sheet Online?

There are only 5 steps to verify the Japanese auction sheet:

1. Enter Chassis Number

Enter your chassis number carefully like (KSP130-5386378)

2. Verify Vehicle Basic Details

After you enter the chassis number, the system shows the vehicle overview you have to verify the information and click on pay now.

3. Enter Email Details

After viewing your vehicle information you have to add your email where we can send the auction sheet.

4. Payments Options

Choose your desired payment option like Paypal or credit/Debit Card for the payments

5. Check Email

The last step is to check your email for the auction sheet links.

Waoo you got your auction sheet report in a minute!

What You Will Get in Auction Sheet Verification?

You will get a complete vehicle inspection report when it’s auctioned in Japan.

  1. Actual Grade of Car
  2. Accidental or Damaged Reports
  3. Reverse Meter Check/Original Mileage
  4. Water Damaged Check
  5. Repair Marks or Dents
  6. Replaced Parts Check
  7. Tyre Conditions Check
  8. Paint Works Check
  9. Interior and Exterior Grading
  10. Vehicle Accessories and Documents Check
  11. Auction House Name/Lot Details
  12. Start and End Price (If mentioned)
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