Frequently Asked Questions of Auction Sheet Buying

What is a Japanese Auction Sheet?

Auction sheet is an inspection report from the auction houses at the time of sold. Report include all vehicle conditions like grading, accidental or mileage.

What is the auction sheet verification?

Verification will verify your vehicle condition like mileage, grade etc and you can avoid seller scams. Must verify Japanese cars before buy.

How to check Japan auction sheet?

Verify your sheet from JP Sheets, we are 40+ years old in the verification business. We have 500+ auction house data across Japan for verification.

How i can apply for verification?

Only chassis number we need. Find chassis chassis number of vehicle you buying put in field and make the payment, within seconds you will receive your sheet.

How i can pay for JP Sheet Verification?

You can pay via local payment methods or pay via Paypal, Debit/Credit cars online. Also you can pay via local app by contacting our agent.

How and When i receive my Verification ?

After the payment you will receive your auction sheet in section via webpage or via email. We provide permanent verification link that you can use anytime.

Is auction sheet modified by JP Sheet?

No, we did not make any changes, we forward data as it is we received from the auction house. We provide 100% original auction data of your vehicles.

How old vehicle is can verify from JP Sheets?

We have 40+ years old data of all auction house. You can verify upto 40 year old vehicles via chassis number.
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