Japanese Auction Sheet Translation

Auction sheet or JP sheet translation is very important to understand your vehicle’s condition. If you buy a Japanese car and verify auction sheet then to understand the Japanese language in English you must go for verification otherwise you can’t judge whether the car is water damaged, what area is painted or repaired or what bad things happened with the car in Japan. We translate the auction sheet as it is and explain it in well easy manner for common people to understand.

What You Will Get in Auction Sheet Translation?

Following things you can get in your JP sheet:
1. Vehicle Specifications and Package
2. Accidental or Damaged Report in Detail
3. Vehicle original mileage written on the auction sheet
4. Inspector notes for vehicles about damage or anything related.
5. Selling points or vehicle features
6. Any additional comment written on the auction sheet we will translate

Note: For translation, it is compulsory to verify your JP sheet with us first!

Auction Sheet Translation Japanese to English | JP Sheet
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